10" Regulation Slope PRO Pitching Mound
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Ideal for the serious pitcher from age 11/12 through Professional. Lightweight (~155lb deadweight or 45lb transport weight, standard bi-fold with permanent rear mounted wheels.

At 10' long the C3 gives your pitcher 102" clear stride length and follow through length. The standard C3 is 41" wide x 10' long and 10" regulation height and regulation 1/12 slope. Vertical reinforcement means this mound will never weaken, bounce or deteriorate. All materials are weather resistant including the turf.

Shipping weight is approx 165# and dimensions when crated are 41" x 62" x 15". Crate with skids is integrally mounted.

Our mounds are in use in all 50 states and 5 countries and used by Professional pitchers, schools, universities, pitching coaches and training facitlities.

Ask about customizing dimensions as we have over 400 engineered designs to meet any of your requests.

We also have this model in the "Dick Mills -pitching.com Special" where the rubber is placed 24-36" clear from the back and also has the 6" clear in front of the rubber before the slope starts (regulation).

  • Item #: C3 - 10" PRO 10' Mound

C3 - PRO -10" High x 10' Long Regulation Practice Mound

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